05Jun, 18

Home charging

Home Charging We provide Fast, Safe and Wifi enabled home charging solutions for your EV. You can charge your EV at home with our charging solutions or find a nearby public charging sport using ChargeAM Smart App. Smart Home Charging Solution Kit With Smart Home Charging solutions, you will get 3.6, 7 or 22KW Charger with 3 Year Warranty. Charge activi …

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01May, 18

Workspace Charging

Workspace Charging Workspace charging provides ample opportunity for staff to charge their electric vehicles easily. While at work, the staff can charge vehicles during the office that saves time and efforts. This can also be rewarding for them. Benefits of Workspace Charging Staff can plug in and get on their work to save time Makes environment health …

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01Apr, 18

Commercial Charging

Commercial Charging We provide commercial charging solutions. It helps businesses to retain and increase customer base. With Commercial Charging Stations, businesses gets frequent visits by electric vehicle drivers that builds loyal customer base. With multiple visits and service provided, the other products and services can be marketed. For more deta …

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